About Us

Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market always offers a great shopping experience and a neighborhood destination. We feature farm fresh produce and products and much more every Sunday from June 11 through mid-October. Our operating hours are: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We also may feature an indoor market event or two in November and/or December. Going into its eleventh season with 25-30 vendors, the market boasts a breadth of offerings. We have vegetables and fruits of course, but also meats, cheeses, eggs, pasta, bread and pastry, scented soaps, olive oil, and everything in-between. Some of the participants offer organic produce, and others offer hormone-free, naturally raised meats.

Farmers, artisans, and professionals participating at our market come from as close as a mile away to dozens of miles away, but virtually all of the offerings are from Northern Ohio and are grown or made by the vendors themselves.

Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market boasts weekly outdoor live musical entertainment from locally famous and sometimes internationally famous artists. Dozens of very talented people grace our stage – too numerous to mention. But suffice it to say our market attendees are always entertained. Our December Indoor Market will feature holiday music courtesy of our market musicians!
We also have a weekly chef demonstration at outdoor markets that features local chefs showcasing their talent. Many utilize produce from the market vendors, demonstrating what can be done with the great fresh produce available at our market.

For more information, please reach out to us here!